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Yoga post on Some writers, however, would not be prepared to make such a sweeping claim. Mohan Singh, for instance, argues that The true guru s aid (word) is indispensable for achieving what the followers of other paths achieve through difficult practices followed by constant self-abnegation and profound contemplation. 66 In the same vein Danielou writes, Knowledge which at great pains is gained through the patient practice of hatha yoga, may be experienced in a flash by the grace of a true guide. 67 Here self-accomplished liberation is accepted as being possible, although it is clear that this is an extremely difficult way and only for persons of great spirit, a view that echoes Krsna s teaching in the Bhagavad Gita. Thus, an outline of this yoga would be as follows: the first thing to do is find a guru who will accept one as a disciple and bestow a formal initiation (probably a mantri diksa). Following this, the disciple should practice the hatha yoga techniques and purify the nadds. Then, at an appropriate time, the guru will enable the sadhaka to awaken the kundalind and undertake the practice of laya yoga, which begins when kundalind is roused and the pranas are taken into susumna; at this stage concentration proper begins and the sadhaka is able to attain samadhi. Yoga post 2016.

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