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Yoga positions on vampire bats. When Axelrod and others modified the tournaments so that points were converted into offspring interesting things began to happen. Some programs quickly went extinct; others reduced to very small populations. But then, once tit-for-tat ruled the world some of the kinder programs, such as tit-for-two-tats (I ll co-operate twice before following you) started to grow. Harmony increased as programs started to turn the other cheek to defectors, regardless of whether the defection was due to random error (a mistake by a tit-for-tat strategy) or to an encounter with an always defect program. The unfolding effect of this was that the always defect strategy that had been almost wiped out by tit-for-tat started to make a comeback by feeding on the increased numbers of tit-for-two-tats. As Matt Ridley puts it, tit-for-tat acts as a kind of John the Baptist by clearing the way for tit-for two-tats (= turn the other cheek), who then creates the conditions for a resurgence of the devil (always defect) ad infinitum? Cosmides and Tooby argue that the free rider or cheater problem has been with us for long enough to allow the evolution of cheater detection cognition. Yoga positions 2016.

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