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Yoga positions with names on In later Buddhism, this meditation is said to lead to the attainment of the Brahma heavens or to prepare the way for more advanced meditational practice.27 The early references paint a rather different picture, however. In the Tevijja Sutta, one of the oldest sections of the Pali Canon, the Buddha is instructing two young brahmans on the way to a state of union with Brahma or companionship with the Brahmas (plural), which in this text is employed as a synonym for nirvana. Cultivating these four qualities and pervading the entire universe with them is said to lead to a state of union with Brahma and to ceto vimutti (freedom of mind, another and more commonly used synonym for nirvana). As Richard Gombrich has argued, To deny that here the Buddha is saying that infinite kindness, compassion, etc. bring Enlightenment is to do violence to the text. 28 In other words, the early Buddhist tradition seems to have regarded this meditation as a direct route to liberation. Yoga positions with names 2016.

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