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Yoga positions names on This can be seen most clearly in his attitude to money: the supply comes from the Source and returns to the Source. Indeed, his generosity frequently created financial crises for the ashram s administrators, some of whom took to calling him Swami Givananda.45 This indifference to money, rare among the religious who usually manage to slip some kind of collection box into situations, is nicely illustrated in the story of a burglar who stole a number of the ashram s silver vessels from a room full of sleeping people. When informed about the event, Sivananda said He must be a very clever thief. If he is found, I ll award him the title Chora Shikamani (which means an expert in stealing). 46 From the 1930s onwards, Sivananda s teachings started to reach the West, first in Latvia, then Estonia, the Scandanavian countries and eventually throughout Western Europe and beyond. Before the outbreak of the Second World War they were being disseminated as far afield as Mexico, various African countries and the Middle and Far East. Yoga positions names 2016.

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