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Yoga positions chart on Aristanemi, the twenty-second tirthankara is reported as living 84,000 years before Parsva, so at this point any contact with the possible history of the movement is lost and we enter fully into the realm of myth.2 Each of the two main sub-groups possesses its own scriptural collection. The Digambaras appear to have preserved the oldest existing Jain texts: the Satkandagama and the Kasayapahuda, though the remainder of their canon is later than the bulk of the Svetambara collection, the twelve Angas. The title Jina indicates that Vardhamana has conquered samsara and is now free. He was one who led the way and showed others how to do the same, so he is a tdrthankara, a ford-maker. Liberation from rebirth is the hardest possible thing to achieve, hence he is a great hero (Mahavira). The Jain understanding of bondage and liberation is, in important ways, quite different from that found in the Upanisads. Yoga positions chart 2016.

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