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Yoga positions and names on 46, Krsna says, As much profit as there is in a water tank when on all sides there is a flood of water, no more is there in all the Vedas for a brahmin who (truly) understands. In other words, the Vedas are as much use as a water tank in a flood, that is, no use at all. Then, in verses such as 3.5 and 14.19 he says, No-one, even for a moment, remains without performing actions, for he is made to perform action willy-nilly, everyone is by the strands that spring from material nature (prakrti). No agent other than the Strands (guna) When the beholder (soul) perceives, And knows the higher-than-the-Strands, He goes to My estate. In other words, the Jain aim of coming to a point where one ceases to act at all is doomed to failure, for nature (prakrti) is constantly acting. Yoga positions and names 2016.

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