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Yoga position on How do we work out which is which? One route is to examine the perceptual experiences and inferences upon which the testimony is based. Within the Indian yogic tradition we can see that the Buddha did quite a good job of evaluating these routes to knowledge, and, as I concluded in the Introduction, the Buddha could find no confidence in beliefs based on authority or tradition alone; nor on those based on authority plus reasoning; nor on those based on limited experience plus reasoning; nor on those based on reasoning alone.37 He did, nevertheless, trust his own interpretation of his own experiences. At this point, as I mentioned, he parts company with most modern philosophers and scientists. One might wonder, at this point, whether it is possible to have anything at all that we can call knowledge, that we can trust as truth. Here I come to the final section in my answer to question 2. As one might expect, any claims to do with knowledge are hotly debated and generate considerable controversy. Yoga position 2016.

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