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Big bang theory
What Penrose first calculated by reversing the equations of black hole frequency were the big bang’ equations of the beginning of creation. Stephen Hawking subsequently verified these equations, and then in 1965 the sound of the roar of the big bang was heard. Immediately the question arose – what was God’s role in all this? Physicists had shown and observed that just as matter can collapse in on itself and disappear into nothing, so also can matter spring out of nothing.

But scientists were immediately pressed by another problem: why had the big bang happened at all?

Creation has always been a matter for speculation. The Indian philosophies of Tantra and Samkhya are quite definite about creation. These philosophies state that there are two apparent realities: the manifest reality, which is subject to time and space, and the unmanifest reality, which is not. Time and space have been created out of the unmanifest, known as the transcendental or cosmic reality. Cosmic reality is indescribable and is composed of pure cosmic energy and cosmic consciousness in harmony and balance. Cosmic energy has three potentials: dynamism, balance and stagnation. These are known as the gunas.

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