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Perform once in each of the three positions as learned ‘ on s 13,22 and 57 Count 10 in each backward

position and 20 in each of the forward positions Perform the leg movements of Fig. 2 (as learned on 86) following the extreme position only Hold the leg positions for 10. Relax upon completion

Perform once in each of the three Dositions as learned on 80. Alternate the sides (first left, then right) for each position. Hold each bend for 10 Relax upon completion

Remember to:

Bend very slowly to each of the three positions Keep arms parallel in each of the three positions.

Yoga poses women’s health for The subsequent three phases constitute Vedic Hinduism, when there were no temples and the idea of God was rather abstract. The final four phases constitute Puranic Hinduism, characterized by the rise of temples and belief in a personal god, either Shiva, or one of his sons; Vishnu, or one of his avatars; or the Goddess, in her many local forms. We can go so far as to call Vedic Hinduism pre-Gita Hinduism and Puranic Hinduism post-Gita, to indicate the pivotal role of The Gita in Hindu history. The Vedic phase began 4,000 years ago, the Upanishadic phase 3,000 years ago, the Buddhist phase 2,500 years ago, the Puranic phase 2,000 years ago, the Bhakti phase 1,000 years ago and the Orientalist phase only 200 years ago. The modern phase is just emerging, with Indians questioning the understanding of Hinduism that has so far been based on Western frameworks. Dating of Hindu history is always approximate and speculative, and often a range, as orally transmitted scriptures precede the written works by several centuries, and parts of the written work were composed by various scribes over several generations, in different geographies. Everything is complicated by the fact that writing became popular in India only 2,300 years ago, after Mauryan Emperor Ashoka popularized the Brahmi script through his edicts. Yoga poses women’s health photos, Yoga poses women’s health 2016.

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