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Yoga poses with pictures on 1). Brahman, he claims, always has characteristics and these are the souls and the world. This relationship is analogous to that between an individual soul and its body: brahman is the soul and the souls and universe are the body. Like the other aragiyas, Ramanuja emphasized the importance of works for the attainment of liberation. After his death, however, the Sri Vaisnavas divided into two main branches, with this issue at the core of their disagreements. One group, the Tengalai, who were led by Pillai Lokacarya, gave more weight to the teachings of the Prabandham than those of the Prasthanatraya and argued that salvation is entirely dependent on God s grace. Their metaphor for this process was the way a mother cat carries her kitten: in her mouth, the kitten does nothing. Yoga poses with pictures 2016.

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