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Yoga poses weight loss on Meditation reveals the nature of things; detachment enables the connection between purusa and prakrti to be broken. In broad outline then, the Yoga Sutras offer an intelligible soteriology that is quite similar to those developed in other re-nouncer circles. The problem, suffering, is described, the methods for dealing with it are set out and a notion of what the liberated state is like is offered. In terms of detail, however, parts of the text are less straightforward. So at this point I will address two issues that have been a source of confusion for many students: the nature of the lord (lsvara), and the relationship between the various accounts of samadhi. The Role of Isvara in the Yoga Sutras To understand the place of isvara in the soteriological scheme of the Yoga Sutras one needs to have some idea of the cosmological environment in which the salvation or liberation is taking place. That is, we need to know the nature and cause of bondage, the methods suitable for its elimination and the characteristics of the liberated state. Yoga poses weight loss 2016.

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