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Yoga poses warrior 1 for We can appreciate this by analysing the Ramayana. Who is responsible for Sita s abduction by Ravana? Should we blame her for taking a risk and feeding a hermit? Should we blame Lakshmana who cruelly cut the nose of Ravana s sister Surpanakha? Or should we blame Surpanakha who tried to kill Sita so that her husband, Ram, would be free to love other women? Should we blame Ram who refused to indulge Surpanakha s desires because he wanted to be faithful to his wife? Or should we blame Sita for accompanying Ram into the forest where rules of marriage have no meaning? Should we blame Ram s stepmother, Kaikeyi, for demanding his forest exile? Or should we blame Ram s father, Dashratha, for giving boons to Kaikeyi that the royal family was bound to uphold? Even if we identify the cause, can we control the action and determine future consequences? Maybe we can imagine control over our actions, but we have no control over other people s actions, hence the results. Arjuna, you have control over your action alone, not the fruits of your action. So do not be drawn to expectation, or inaction. Bhagavad Gita: Post 2, Verse 47 (paraphrased). Those who believe in karma do not blame. They do not judge. Yoga poses warrior 1 photos, Yoga poses warrior 1 2016.

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