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What we know of this Life theoretically can be summarised in the three ‘qualities of deity’ Will, Love and Activity. What we understand as Will is really an expression of the cosmic mental plane and makes itself felt on the three highest planes of our system. What we understand as Love is an expression of the cosmic astral nature and is experienced by us on the three levels of the triad. What we know of as Activity is an expression of the cosmic physical plane and is experienced in the three worlds of activity. These lower three worlds have fallen below the level of consciousness of the solar deity.

He has completed his work with the matter aspect and is focused in consciousness. On Earth the Intelligence principle has not yet run its course and been superseded by the Love principle.

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The Love of God is in reality the energy of cosmic buddhi stepped down through the cosmic astral plane into the three worlds of the triad. This solar Love contains cosmic buddhi because the Solar Logos has taken the Second cosmic Yoga poses to wake up for Leaves linear, the midrib raised, thus X-shaped in cross section, mm wide. Flowers in a three- to eightflowered, erect spike, red to orange, the lower tepals sometimes yellow, the tube streaked with maroon, perianth tube cylindrical, wide and horizontal above, mm long, dorsal tepal largest, suberect, mm long, the lower tepals smaller, arching downward. Flowering June-September. Sandstone slopes, SE Plettenberg Bay to Grahamstown. Gladiolus hyalinus jacquin Plants cm high corm globose with more or less woody tunics. Leaves linear, the margins and midrib thickened Yoga poses to wake up photos, Yoga poses to wake up 2016.

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