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If we view the buddhic plane and the ashrams thereon as a type of ‘sun’ within the cosmic physical plane then the energy of this sun the energy of solar fire is stepped down via groups of causal bodies on the abstract mental plane and then to the individual causal body of an initiate. We might imagine the individual causal body as the equivalent of a magnifying glass which is able to focus the sun’s rays to a point. This focus can even result in fire bursting forth in matter if it is sustained long enough. It is the focusing of solar fire and eventually electric fire through the causal body that makes it radioactive and eventually brings it to the point of disintegration as it is literally consumed by fire.


It is the focus of the fire of the triadal soul in the causal field which forms the core energy at the centre of an initiate’s ‘masterpiece’. This fire is three-fold atma flowing through the sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus, buddhi through the love petals, and manas through the knowledge petals of the lotus. Finally these fires are recognised as the expression of the synthetic fire of the monad that is transmitted directly through the jewel in the lotus.

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When this synthetic fire eventually radiates forth in full power, the causal body is consumed and the indwelling Life is released. The Fourth Initiation is taken in the centre of the vortex of energies on the buddhic plane. The initiate must choose the monad over the personality as his once and future ‘home’. This choice identifies him with his monadic essence, and this act of identification results in the release of monadic fire in the causal field.

As the Third Degree is approached the disciple becomes more and more aware of causal ‘fire’. He recognises that it is the waxing and waning of the cycles of fire flowing through his causal body which is the sustaining life of his outer work, whether that be a creative project or an organisation. Essentially, at the centre of his project is an idea, and at the centre of that idea is solar fire, and at the centre of that solar fire is the atmic fire of the precipitating Plan, and at the centre of the Plan is the electric fire of monadic purpose.

These flows of fire bring him into right relationship with other causal bodies to form geometrical formations on the abstract mental plane. The flow of fire between causal bodies is the higher octave of the flow of money between physical bodies. It is a type of spiritual economy which results in a higher form of organisation an organisation that has as its currency the fire of ideas on the abstract mental plane. The living idea at the centre of any outer group is the ‘vision’, and the periodic reassertion of this vision is the ‘Life’ aspect asserting itself in the three worlds; even though from the perspective of the triad it is the lowest or Matter aspect.

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