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Oral activity occurs (a) every time one of the muscles that move the lips without moving the cheeks is activated and (b) when this activation cannot be explained by speech activity. This behavior is displayed 9% of the time on average by patients and the psychiatrist who interviews them. One can therefore not always associate oral activation with suicide reattempt risk. Oral activity groups a wide variety of lip configurations, some of which seemed characteristic of an individual. Some of us could have the impression that an oral activity had a meaningful (e.g., despair or contempt) and relevant function, but then not all the members of our team would attribute the same meaning and/or function to this motor event; at other times, we could not attribute the slightest meaning to these movements. Most of the time these lip movements seemed to appear randomly, in yoga poses function of inner impulses, or to modulate the general atmosphere of the interview.

Reattempter patients had a systematic tendency to display more oral activation than attempters did, however the interviewer displayed more oral activity than the patients did.

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After this finding we looked around us, and saw that some people displayed a lot of oral activity (e.g., President Clinton), while others did not use that type of movement in yoga poses their current life. For those who did, their mimics where often more intense than those of our patients. We therefore arrived at the conclusion that most of these patients where (a) part of the population that uses oral activity, and (b) that they tried to inhibit that activity. We also observed the same type of oral activity on films of anorexic patients, who often have suicidal intentions.

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