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The ‘self’ that is the witnesser and observer of consciousness now turns its attention on itself and begins to unravel the core ‘knot’ of identity. The process intensifies until the whole subject-object illusion starts to dissolve.

Then suddenly you feel like you’re open as the sky. Suddenly you can’t even find the looker who wants to look, and you can’t find what the looker hasn’t found, and you can’t find the not-finding.

You just suddenly melt and become like empty space, as if the wind is blowing through you…And then your absoluteness melts itself, like fire sticks rubbing until they kindle themselves into flame, like a diamond cutting through itself, like nuclear fission or solar fusion.

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A Sense of Humour

Walking the spiritual path, or running along it in the forced acceleration of the modern initiatory process, has its share of trials and tribulations. Many develop a condition called SDS which does not respond well to treatment the Serious Discipleship Syndrome. Many students studying Agni Yoga have renamed it ‘Agony Yoga’ for just this reason.

Striving can be a serious business. Fortunately these advanced meditations are also effective medication for that syndrome. In order to suffer from it one must first of all have a self to suffer, and Agni Yoga therefore removes the very core of the problem. The agony is merely the final and more virulent stage of the illusion of a separate self asserting itself. These assertions are really just the death throes of the Dweller. The joke can be summed up in the following quip by a spiritual teacher: ‘You are unhappy because 99% of everything you do is for the self and there isn’t one.’ My adaptation would be: ‘You are so serious because 99% of the time you think you exist and you don’t!’

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