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Yoga poses vinyasa flow for The tone in these regional works was extremely emotional, with the poets speaking of God in extremely personal and affectionate terms. Gyaneshwara even refers to Krishna as ‘mother, and visualizes him as a cow that comforts the frightened calf, Arjuna, with the milk that is The Gita. It is through works such as these, usually presented as songs, that the wisdom of The Gita reached the masses. It is in this phase that the Bhagavad Purana, or simply Bhagavata, which describes the earlier life of Krishna as a cowherd, became the dominant text of Hinduism. It is also during this phase that The Gita started being personified as a goddess, and hymns were composed to meditate on her (Gita Dhyana) and celebrate her glory (Gita Mahatmya). Gita Jayanti, the eleventh day of the waxing moon in the month of Margashisha (December), was identified as the day when Krishna revealed this wisdom to Arjuna, and the world. Gyaneshwara The third wave involved translations by Europeans eighteenth-century European Orientalists such as Charles Wilkins, who was sponsored by the East India Company, and nineteenth-century poets such as Edwin Arnold, who also introduced the Buddha and many things Eastern to Europe. Yoga poses vinyasa flow photos, Yoga poses vinyasa flow 2016.

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