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The initiate must learn to manage his inner and outer contacts and responsibilities harmoniously. The planes of Hierarchy are of course the planes of the triad. On the mental plane there is overlap with humanity and on the atmic plane there is overlap with Shamballa. The buddhic plane therefore, is peculiarly the ‘home of Hierarchy’ it is the plane of the ‘Son’ principle. A Fourth Degree initiate is, in a way difficult to understand from a perspective in the three worlds, the epitome of the human experience. Man essentially is the ‘Hierarchy’. He is a member of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy and his home is the buddhic plane.

On the buddhic plane are to be found the ashrams of Hierarchy. They are made up of three levels of being and are presided over by a Fifth Degree initiate who is working therefore with atmic energy and is, in his turn, a member of a Chohanic ashram on the monadic plane.

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This Fifth Degree initiate is the focal point of the buddhic ashram. The ashram also contains many Fourth Degree initiates who are working primarily with buddhic matter. These are the true ‘men’. There are also Third Degree initiates who are members of the ashram and work primarily with mental matter.

The relationship between these levels of the ashram (and between the Third, Fourth and Fifth Hierarchies) can be represented thus:

In addition there are those First and Second Degree initiates who are able to work on the periphery of an ashram and occasionally enter consciously into the ashramic life. They are therefore taking the initiations of the threshold.

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