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It is the fourth quality of deity that lies behind the three expressions of monad, soul and personality. It could be said to be the ‘essence of the three-fold monad’.

This is something to consider in the science of contact. There are superconscious energies which are wielded by the initiate, just as there are subconscious energies. For example, the monad forever IS and substands human existence in the three worlds, operating through the Life thread even when the incarnated human has no conscious appreciation of it nor contact with it.

We are familiar with the phrase “In Thy light shall we see light”. (Psalms 36:9) Esoterically this refers to the monadic light which is carried within and forms the centre of the soul light although unrecognised as such. Similarly when we contact the energy of the buddhic plane we are not just dealing with buddhic energy.

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This is the substance aspect of the plane which we as the consciousness aspect must learn to control and direct and eventually disidentify from, in the same way that we controlled and disidentified from our astral bodies. The buddhic plane ‘carries’ energy from the cosmic astral plane. The energy which it carries IS in fact our essential selves and it is the realisation of this fact which makes possible the transition in consciousness out of the cosmic physical plane in due course.

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