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2004/5 Sees the American elections and humanity as a whole has an opportunity to assess the results of the inflow in the early half of the cycle and decide for itself those principles it wants to anchor in the mental field to govern the last half of the cycle. In its higher reaches an invocation goes up to the atmic plane seeking the higher Will and ‘Light Supernal’.

Humanity experiences a crisis and is divided into those focused in the concrete mind who seek to resolve it with their own intelligence and according to past patterns, and those focused in the abstract mind who call forth new solutions and inflow from the Will of the planetary soul.

2005/6 sees the conscious invocative appeal rising from the astral plane as the new ideas and thoughtforms encounter resistance and are either rejected or break through into popular acceptance.

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2006/7 sees the call from the physical plane to the logoic, and the result if the cycle has proved positive is to be seen on the etheric/physical plane in lasting changes in the underlying economic, legal and organisational structures of humanity. If the cycle is negative (in other words rejecting of the inflowing energies) then the result is a crystallising of old forms, which become the target for the next First Ray impulse. In reality each cycle normally has a mixture of positive and negative results. The last three years allow Hierarchy to assess the response of the previous inflow and make intelligent adjustments for the new cycle.

Yoga poses upper body for Leaves linear, X-shaped in cross section, mm wide. Flowers in a five- to eight-flowered spike, pale pink with dark red marks on the lower tepals, perianth tube cylindrical, mostly mm long, dorsal tepal erect, Gladiolus engysiphon mm long, the lower tepals smaller, spreading horizontally. Flowering December-January. Sandstone slopes, NW Cold Bokkeveld and Tulbagh Mountains. Gladiolus debills Ker Gawler Plants mostly cm high corm globose with coarsely fibrous to woody tunics. Leaves linear, the margins and midrib thickened, mm wide. Yoga poses upper body photos, Yoga poses upper body 2016.

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