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Initiation. This energy must then be registered by our Planetary Logos who is polarised on the middle subplane of the cosmic astral plane. He has not yet taken the Second Initiation and so the astral energy that flows through his etheric body is an oscillating mix of love and desire. Desire drives the human soul into fusion with the personality. Love lifts the triadal soul into relationship with the monad.

Only advanced members of Hierarchy can work consciously with cosmic astral energy, let alone the energy of cosmic buddhi which lies behind and is carried upon the cosmic astral ray. This energy of cosmic buddhi lies at the heart of every atom and indeed permeates the whole of the lower three cosmic planes, and yet remains unrecognised by the particular components that make up the creation.

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Cosmic buddhi permeates the three lower cosmic planes and yet remains. It is the synthetic energy which synthesises the three solar systems in the same way that the human soul, a member of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy, synthesises the human personality.

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