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Yoga poses to tone arms for These are then bunched together to give us three types of yoga: behavioural (karma), emotional (bhakti) and intellectual or cognitive (gyana). So what does the word yoga exactly mean? Colloquially, Indians use the word jog for yoga. In astrology, jog means alignment of the stars that results in favourable conditions for an activity. From jog comes the word jogadu, the resourceful individual, a word typically used in the eastern parts of India for one who is able to create alignment and connections in a world full of misalignment and disconnections. The word jogadu has given rise to the words jugad and jugadu in the northern parts of India, where it means improvisation and even by-passing the system. Sadly, today, jugad is used in a negative sense, for it is practised for the self at the cost of the other, in the spirit of adharma, not dharma. The word yoga has its roots in the sound yuj which means to yoke, like a horse to a chariot. Yoga poses to tone arms photos, Yoga poses to tone arms 2016.

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