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As you roll to face the ground, rise up into Downward-Facing Dog. Again, exhale and deepen into the pose as you are able (9). You will now repeat the beginning sequence of Screwing Arms to Dolphin Pose (10-12), but now you will engage the Lateral Roll onto your left shoulder (13) to enter into the Plow (14). From the Plow, you will roll out onto your right shoulder (15) and into the Quad Squat (Manduka Asana). While on all fours, flatten your back and equally distribute the weight of your torso between all four limbs. Turn your hands inward while flaring your elbows and knees slightly outwards (16). Inhale and exhale as you push up and raise your left leg up in the air to begin an Elevated Scorpion (17). In the Elevated Scorpion you lead with your knee as you bring it to the sky as high as you are able and reach the knee behind you and to your right side. Keep both hands firmly against the ground as you continue in this twist.

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