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The author Abhinavagupta has replied to the opponent’s view that Siva himself voluntarily assumes the form of fettered beings. Thus Lord Siva, who is of the nature of massive pure consciousness, Yoga poses to lower blood sugar, bliss, and divine freedom as will be described later, assumes the form of an embodied enjoyer out of his own free will. He is like an actor veiling his divine transcendent nature and is then called dehin possessor of a body; bliokta the enjoyer of self-created objects of enjoyment who has happiness, pain, etc., as his nature; and pasu ensnared being, whose nature is to be fettered. There is, however, nothing that exists apart from him the Lord. Thus Lord Siva manifests the pair of the experiencer and the experienced in the form of the subject and the object, respectively, like toys to be played with, out of his own free will, and it is from this perspective of the Yoga poses to lower blood sugar freedom that the concept of duality has relevance in the world. It is therefore said that without abjuring his fullness, the unrestricted, unsurpassable, divine freedom of the supreme Lord is responsible for assuming the twin forms of the enjoyer and the enjoyed, and that he thereby fetters himself by his own bonds, while always, nevertheless, remaining the ever-massive pure consciousness and bliss, manifesting himself as the supreme experience in all experiencers. It has been said that the experiencer is one and is of the nature of pure consciousness. Yogaritja’s introduction to verse 6 An opponent might ask: If he is said to be many on the mundane level due to being differentiated under the influence of maya into an infinite number of experiencers and objects experienced, how can he be described as one, which is the diametrical opposite of many? Likewise, if he is regarded as one, he cannot be many because that would be a contradiction, like saying that a shadow contains sunlight.

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