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Or expressed critically, we could say that the task of Eliade’s religious studies was to create observations, which would substantiate Eliade’s romantic or Neo-Vedantic hypothesis about ontological reality and human anthropology. The purpose of the science of religion – in our case Eliade’s writings on yoga – was in other words to confirm and substantiate Eliade’s a priori assumptions – his preconceptions – about human nature and ontological reality: the existence of the immanence of the sacred.

And most will agree that such endeavours are not the task of science! This is the task of theologians and campaigners.

Yoga poses to lose back fat for Arjuna, the wise let go of the fruit of action, and so break free from the cycle of rebirths. Their wisdom cuts through formal hymns and official words, for yoga connects them with who they really are. Bhagavad Gita: Post 2, verses 51 to 53 (paraphrased). When Hanuman follows Ram back to Ayodhya, he observes how Ram casts out a pregnant Sita, following street gossip about her soiled reputation due to contact with Ravana. But he does not judge Ram. He observes how Ram, as scion of a royal clan, cannot break clan rules and must uphold clan reputation at all costs. He observes how Ram never abandons his people, even though they are being petty, nor does he try to convince them of his wife s innocence. Yoga poses to lose back fat photos, Yoga poses to lose back fat 2016.

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