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So Eliade does not merely neutrally present and explore archaic-, mystic-, yogic- and other similar experiences of the sacred. He has an implicit agenda reflecting his romanticist and spiritual habitus: to substantiate his a priori hypothesis that such experiences are loaded with signs, symbols and myths about the sacred. He has in other words a political purpose in his research: he is actually endorsing and holding the sacred – the yogic mystical experience- up as a political cure for society (Allen 2001).

Yet this is not what critical scholarship is about, according to the philosopher of science K.R. Popper (Wikipedia link). Following Popper’s critical rationalism Eliade’s aim does not contribute to our growth of knowledge, as he only substantiates his conjectures. According to Popper, instead of indulging our conjectures, we should give them a hard time, expose them to critical investigations.

Yoga poses to keep you young for Here, the self (jiva) can be the parent, like Yashoda, to the divine other (param), who is the child. Here the self can also be a lover, like one of the gopikas who pines for the divine other, who is the beloved. When Radha comes along she even transforms the divine into a lover who pines for her, the beloved. The seed of the Bhagavata traditions can be traced to The Gita itself. Arjuna, the one who offers me, with affection, a flower, a fruit, some water, a leaf, I accept. Bhagavad Gita: Post 9, Verse 26 (paraphrased). Here, the devotee is expected to be active in devotion and cling to the deity like a baby monkey clings to its mother. Yoga poses to keep you young photos, Yoga poses to keep you young 2016.

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