Yoga poses to flatten abs

Relax Do not do any additional Yoga exercising today


Life is in the breath; therefore he who only half breathes, half lives.❠This Yogic proverb attempts to impress upon us that the way in which we breathe directly affects our physical and mental well-being and determines to a great extent the length and quality of our lives!

The body can go for many weeks without food and for days without water or sleep but life will expire in a matter of minutes without air. Thus, the primary source of our sustenance is derived from an element in the air we breathe. In Yoga, this subtle element is known as prana or life-force. Prana is not the air itself but the subtle life-giving element extracted from the air. The more life-force you have in your body, the more alive❠you are; the less life-force, the less life. It’s as simple as that. Life-force is present in all forms of nourishment but, obviously, it is most accessible and most constant in the air.


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