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This method of following the changing signification of a sign is called genealogy (Wikipedia link) and is a central part of discourse analysis. Genealogy is very anti-essentialist and anti-hermeneutical because its explicit purpose is to show that signs – which we often take as unchangeable (i.e. we hold them for trans-historical, natural or god-given) – always on closer inspection display fundamental changes (Masuzawa 2000, Sarasin 2009).

Yoga poses to calm mind for Pandu does not use this way out until he hears that Gandhari, the blindfolded wife of his blind elder brother, who is now regent of Hastinapur, is pregnant. The competitive spirit kicks in. He tells Kunti to take advantage of her mantra. She calls upon Yama, Vayu and Indra and begets Yudhishtira, Bhima and Arjuna. Pandu asks for more sons, but Kunti says she cannot use the mantra more than three times. So Pandu begs her to share it with his second wife, Madri. Kunti does as advised but is quite irritated when, using one mantra, Madri begets two children by simply calling the Ashwin Kumars, who always come in a pair. Yoga poses to calm mind photos, Yoga poses to calm mind 2016.

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