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The New Group of World Servers is the bridge between Hierarchy and Humanity. It is my will that this book assist in the building and anchoring of more and more strands in that bridge.

I have told you that the remainder of the twentieth century was to be given over to the rebuilding of world civilisation and the distribution of world resources. [See The Destiny of the Nations.] If you could but see things from the inner worlds you might realise how much has been achieved. There is still the working through of the inner victories on to the outer spheres of activity in the three worlds, but great victories for the human spirit there have been. Now begins that tremendous task which so many of you who are now in incarnation are equipped to fulfil. It is for this that I write.

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I have also said that the Teaching which I have the responsibility to deliver into the mind of mankind has another phase to run. The work now is to anchor the new culture a culture based on the realities of the inner worlds and thus in alignment with solar systemic and cosmic energies. This new culture is founded upon the energy of liberation a liberation from living based on fears concerning the survival of the form. Everywhere the vitalising fires of spirit are breaking through into consciousness and liberation is occurring in the hearts of individuals, and increasingly as we enter the Aquarian Age, in the hearts of groups.

Yoga poses to stretch upper back for The word vi-yoga refers to disconnection or separation. Thus, yoga has something to with binding things together, or connecting things. Traditionally, yoga has been used as a complement to sankhya. Sankhya means enumeration and refers to analysis, the tendency to break things down into their constituent parts. Yoga is its complement and refers to synthesis, the tendency to bind parts to establish a composite whole. In art, sankhya is visualized as an axe (parashu), used to slice things into parts, while yoga is visualized as a string (pasha), used to tie things together. Ganesha, the scribe of the Mahabharata and hence The Gita holds these symbols in his hands to remind all of these two techniques of enquiry. Yoga poses to stretch upper back photos, Yoga poses to stretch upper back 2016.

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