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Using the Law of Correspondences and considering the incarnation of a Solar Logos, we might see that the eventual aim is to develop the four higher cosmic ethers so that they are able to serve as transmitters of energy from the four higher ‘universal ethers’ ie. the cosmic buddhic plane, the cosmic atmic plane, the cosmic monadic plane and the cosmic logoic plane.

Our Solar Logos is in training for the Third cosmic Initiation and therefore he will be seeking to fuse his triadal life with the solar personality in this system prior to bringing the monadic life into full expression in the third system.

Incarnated as we are within the confines of the cosmic physical plane, all we can know of the solar Life is his energy as it expresses through the cosmic etheric nature. Hence we must be able to lift our point of focus into at least the buddhic plane in order to come into any form of experiential relationship with the solar Life.

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Yoga poses strength for Flowering November-December. Sandy coastal flats, SW Darling to Cape Peninsula. Gladiolus lapeirousioides Goidbiatt Plants cm high corm conical with more or less woody tunics. Leaves linear to falcate, thicker in the midline, mostly mm wide. Flowers in a to -flowered, nearly horizontal spike, bilabiate, creamy white, the lower tepals with a yellow spot near the base outlined in red, perianth tube elongate, cylindrical, mm long, dorsal tepal largest, erect or recurving, mm long, the lower tepals narrower, directed forward. Flowering late August to early October. Stony shale slopes, RV Western Karoo near Loeriesfontein. Yoga poses strength photos, Yoga poses strength 2016.

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