Yoga Poses With Straps

Higher Octave Meditation

The first specific meditative practice is a higher octave of Meditation One and Two as given by the Master DK in Discipleship in the New Age II.18

The purpose of Meditation One and Two was to free the disciple from his self-centred focus expressing through the solar plexus, into a group focus through the heart centre.

Meditation One began by linking the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra and the crown. In Meditation Two by an act of soul will the energies gathered in the solar plexus are lifted to the heart centre. These Meditations have particular benefit for those working on the First and Second Initiations.

Yoga Poses With Straps Photo Gallery

The Higher Octaves of these Meditations are designed for initiates working towards the Third and Fourth Initiations. Consider the following correspondences:

Yoga poses with straps for mm long, arching over the stamens, the lower tepals directed forward. Flowering March-April. Clay and loamy sand, fynbos, LB Swellendam to Albertinia. Gladiolus blommesteinii L. Bolus Plants cm high corm globose with more or less woody to coarsely fibrous tunics. Leaves linear with thickened margins and midrib, mm wide. Yoga poses with straps photos, Yoga poses with straps 2016.

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