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Quiz discouer your dosha.

I eat what I want without putting weight on.

My weight is stable it can increase if I eat too much 1 lose it easily. Mi put on weight easily and it is hard to lose.

My skin is dry, rough and thin, and I have a dull or pale complexion. My skin is warm and oily and I have a reddish complexion.

My skin is cold or damp and thick and i have a yellowish complexion.

A My eyes are small with a nervous appearance

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B My eyes are bright but can be easily irritated.

C My eyes are large and liquid with a calm appearance.

hair is dry and thin with a natural curl.

hair is reasonably straight with a tendency to be dry and oily.

hair is thick, wavy and lustrous.



A My fingernails are dry with a tendency to split and break easily.

B My fingernails are pink and soft and don’t split that often.

C My fingernails are strong and rarely split.

A My circulation is poor, but varies.

B My circulation is good.

C My circulation is relatively good.

Weather Appetite

A My appetite is small but varies when I’m nervous

B My appetite is good but can be excessive.

C My appetite is good and constant.

I like warm weather, but am sensitive to cold, dry. windy weather, like cold weather, but am sensitive to hot weather and extreme sun exposure. I am fine with most climates, but am more sensitive to cold, damp weather.

A I am restless, but easily exhausted by a physical exertion.

B I enjoy moderate physical activity.

C I can endure physical activity but I am naturally lethargic

A I sleep lightly, can be easily disturbed in my dreams are usually frequent and colourful.

B I sleep reasonably well and my dreams are romantic but don’t occur frequently.

C I sleep deeply with very few dreams.

A I learn things quickly but forget them easily.

B I learn things relativity easily and remember them.

C I learn slowly but remember things well.

A I talk quickly and a lot but not precisely.

B I am an assertive speaker with a tendency to be cutting

C I speak gently and slowly.

A I have an active imagination and am very creative and enthusiastic, if a little chaotic at times

B I am orderly and precise and become irritated very easily.

C I am calm, very hard to annoy and steady in my actions.

I like perfection and organisation, Routine is important to me.

I like a relaxed, evenly paced with a routine.

Vata type: you are naturally active always busy and totally unpredictable You are artistic and sensitive You have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends which, along with your propensity to worry can lead to digestive problems, sleepless nights and reduced effectiveness At your best you can be highly creative visionary person in whatever you put your mind to.

Try to: take time to chill out. avoiding the burn out cycle Get yourself involved in some meditation T ai chi or yoga classes which will help relax you and will add some element of routine to your life.

Celebrity vata: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Pitta TVpe: you are definite spitfire- dynamic, active and an inspiration. When balanced you can be a natural leader and you thrive on taking control; but you can overdo it and become over-critical when can cause cause skin problems and insomnia.

Try to: avoid competitive situations. Take time out to cool down by jogging, cycling, or swimming. Also take a breath before you say something and make yourself time to relax.

Celebrity pitta: Jennifer Aniston.

Kapha type: you are definitely society’s rock. You are dependable patient, loyal and a real people magnet. People will naturally want to confide in you because you are so balanced. However this tendency to be laid back can lead to a coach potato syndrome and seeking comfort in a bar of chocolate.

TYy to: eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable to up your energy and self-esteem. Sports like tennis, football and aerobics tap into your endurance and get your metabolism going as well.

Celebrity Kapha: Kate Winselt.

Nixed Doshas

Don’t worry if you scored evenly across two types. This means you are a combination. Most of us are double type, but one will usually be dominant The dominant dosha is the one that is named first. There are benefits in reading both your type sections and following the advice given. For example if you are a kapha vata following a vata reducing diet in late autumn or early winter and a kapha reducing diet in spring and early summer help you to balance your doshas. If you scored evenly across all three types you are a tridosha. This means you should have a few health problems.

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