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Yoga poses standing for Dry, stony, sandstone slopes, KM, SE Ladismith to Uitenhage. Gladiolus liliaceus Houttuyn Plants cm high corm globose with woody to firm, papery tunics. Leaves linear, the margins and midrib strongly thickened, mm wide. Flowers in a one- to six-flowered spike, brown to russet or beige, turning mauve in the evening and then intensely fragrant, perianth tube cylindrical, widening above, mm long, tepals attenuate with undulate margins, the dorsal largest, inclined over the stamens, mm long, the lower tepals slightly smaller, arching downward. Flowering August-November. Clay slopes, mainly in renosterveld, NW, SW, AP, KM, LB, SE Cedarberg Mountains to Port Elizabeth. Gladiolus longkollis Baker Plants cm high corm globose with hard, wiry tunics. Yoga poses standing photos, Yoga poses standing 2016.

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