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Our high points of ‘contact’ are peak experiences which we are unable to maintain, and yet they are also times when energy of a much greater magnitude can enter our system and result in a gradual refinement. At the Third Initiation it is the responsibility of the incarnated soul to reveal to Hierarchy that he is able to contact the energies of the monad.

It is this revelation which allows him to take his place consciously as an ‘entered apprentice’ amongst Hierachical workers in the ashram. He becomes more conscious of those to whom he is related in the ashram and takes conscious responsibility for the implementation of a piece of the Plan of his Master.

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At the same time the inflow of monadic life is recognised although largely unconsciously by his group of co-workers in the three worlds. They move naturally towards the source of the inflowing ‘Life’ in the same way that those who are seeking relationship with the Love principle move towards someone who has taken the Second Degree and is able to transmit buddhi through their astral body.

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