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The three levels of synthesis are also related to one of the three planes of monadic expression. The synthesis of the matter aspect is related to the atmic plane, the synthesis of the soul is related to the monadic plane and the synthesis of the monad is related to the logoic plane.

It should be remembered that the Intelligence principle was developed in the first system and it is on the third, fourth and fifth globes or chains of a cycle in this system that an incarnating jiva demonstrates the possession of the manasic principle. (This is different from acquiring manas). Some insight into the five Kumaras who are the source of manas in this system (developed in the last system) can be gained if they are recognised as the expression of Brahma related to the atmic plane.

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There were five Hierarchies liberated in the earlier system, and that liberation occurred from the atmic plane. In this system the liberation or entrance to the cosmic paths occurs from the monadic plane, and in the next system it will take place from the logoic.

It should also be remembered that the eventual aim of the incarnated soul is to have the four higher ethers of the etheric body able to serve as transmitters of energy from the four cosmic ethers, namely the buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic planes.

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