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Tronick and his colleagues detail the dyadic behaviors that create this impression when the mother is hardly expressive. The numbers given pertain to what is visible when the team films a mother and an infant at play:55

1. The mother actively plays with the infant 10 percent of the time on average, while other mothers play on average 42 percent of the time.

2. Similarly, the infant only actively plays with his mother 5 percent of the time instead of 13 percent of the time otherwise.

3. There is a strong correlation between the activity of the infant and the mother’s invitations to play. This reinforces the impression that depressed mothers are attentive to the basic needs of the infant but are not capable of interacting simply for the pleasure of interacting. These mothers also show fewer positive expressions than most mothers.

4. The infants of depressed mothers look at their mothers less often and express more negative feelings.

5. These infants more easily activate the physiological axis of stress. For example, their cardiac activity and their rate of Cortisol are elevated.

The small amount of time that a stressed infant spends with his toys when his depressed mother is immobilized is an important point for Tronick. There would then be an inhibition of the infant’s capacity to learn to auto-regulate by becoming creative with some objects. These infants sometimes show a developmental delay when they take Piagetian tests on their approach to objects.56 They sometimes become adults who find it difficult to sublimate their anxiety by engaging in yoga poses some creative activity. These adults, when there is tension in yoga poses the family, become incapable of doing anything whatsoever, and they auto-regulate with difficulty.57

The type of depression also influences the infants. Thus, with withdrawn mothers, the infants spend more time crying and showing their distress; while the infants of intrusive mothers cry very little, avoid looking at their mother and avoid interacting with her.

The problems of the children of depressed mothers become evident when researchers like Tiffany Field (1995) observe the way they interact with strangers. Because these children are often withdrawn, it is difficult to establish a pleasant and playful contact with them.

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This is a good illustration of the idea that a person meets a stranger with the practices at its disposal, and that these practices have multiple impacts that repeat themselves, even in yoga poses a large variety of situations. With this idea in yoga poses mind, I analyze the interactive dynamics that develop between my patient and me during the initial sessions.

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