Yoga poses ranked by difficulty

Lift your hips up strongly as you support yourself through a firmly shoulder-packed and elbow-locked right arm. Your chest and shoulders should be square facing to your right as your left arm reaches over your head with your elbow close to your ear. There should be a nice, straight line from the tips of your fingers to your toes on the ground. Find your breath, strength, and balance. Now, lift your left leg high in the air and bring your left hand down to the ground (4). This position is called One Leg Downward-Facing Dog (Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana). This pose is similar to Downward-Facing Dog, except now you will have one leg extended off the ground and raised behind you. Be sure to keep your back flat and do not allow yourself to twist. Keep your hips facing straight toward the ground. Your raised leg and your back should be in a nice, straight line. From One Leg Downward-Facing Dog, you will perform an Elevated Scorpion (5). In the Elevated Scorpion, you lead with your left knee as you bring it to the sky as high as you are able and reach the knee behind you and to your right side. Keep both hands firmly against the ground as you continue in this twist. Eventually, you will reach the end range of your twist and the motion will bring your left hand off of the ground. Support yourself strongly on your right hand and right foot. Your right leg will bend as your left foot comes to the ground. Exhale strongly as you lift your chest and ribs up high to the sky. Reach your left hand up over and past your head to engage the ground.

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