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Repeat the first movement of this second kinetic chain by bringing your left leg in front of you for another Double Shin Roll -. Flow freely into Pigeon Pose with your right leg back. Then shift to the Lunge Pose with your right leg back. Continue on by flowing into another Knee Switch – to bring your right knee up into a nice, deep Lunge Pose with the left leg back. Drop your right knee down to a final Pigeon Pose and bring your left knee up together with your right knee to finish in Child’s Pose. This finishes the second kinetic chain of Flock of Pigeons. The last section of this flow starts with placing your right leg behind you out of Child’s Pose. The inside of your right knee contacts the ground as your left shin is tucked close into your right thigh. Sit on your buttocks as you shift to your right. The right knee will come up and out to your side as your left knee comes up off the floor. This is a Shinbox Switch. Continue the motion until the outside of your right knee comes down to the ground and the inside of your left knee does the same.

As you turn, snake your left hand to the inside of your left ankle and grasp the top of your foot. Bring your foot in toward your buttocks as you continue to shift forward onto your right shin. Maintain proper crown-to-coccyx alignment and you will arrive in King Pigeon Pose. Always remember to exhale into the pose; this will allow you to fully engage in the correct posture. You will then reverse the Shinbox Switch – as you transition to the opposite King Pigeon Pose, with your right hand grasping your right foot. The next step is a smooth flow that begins with the Triangle Squat transition that you performed in the first kinetic chain -. However, instead of finishing in the opposite Pigeon Pose, you will continue to the Shinbox Switch transition and finish in King Pigeon Pose with your right leg back. You have essentially flowed out of the King Pigeon Pose and moved back into the same pose. Repeat the Shinbox Switch one more time to finish in the opposite King Pigeon Pose with your left leg back. Drop your foot down and bring your knees together to finish in the last Child’s Pose to conclude Flock of Pigeons.

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