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An individual is entitled to expect that certain behaviors would have a relatively predictable effect on self and his entourage. For example, recent research has shown that children need to find islands of predictable communication that permit them to have the impression of acquiring a form of mastery over what is happening. Some psychotherapists who defend the notion of a self relate what is predictable to the notion of meaning. This meaning is not necessarily conscious. It may even be nonconscious in yoga poses the case of automatic interactive exchanges. in yoga poses the domain of those schools of psychotherapy that take the body into account, this perspective can be found in yoga poses the writings of psychotherapists such as Beatrice Beebe45 and Rubens Kignel.46 in yoga poses both cases, the idea is that the more contingency there is, the more the impact of a gesture acquires meaning for the mind. It is therefore possible to speak of a fuzzy or soft semiotics for ordinary gestures, in yoga poses contrast to signs that are explicitly associated to a meaning.

This meaning of a gesture constructs itself in yoga poses interaction with the person’s surroundings. A newborn may produce a reflex movement that the adult (e.g., the mother) perceives as a smile. The newborn then experiences an affective response from the mother that is accompanied by a mimic of what she feels to be a smile. The infant thus learns, by imitation and positive reinforcement, what may happen when he smiles.

Rubens Kignel (2010) refers to Pierce and Ecco to assume that such habits, constructed with an interactive frame, are the basis on which semiotics are co-constructed. As in yoga poses Piaget’s theory of intelligence, these constructions may at first be nonconscious sensorimotor schemas, but the more co-conscious they become the more psychological meaning they generate. This position is not necessarily in yoga poses contradiction with the notion that some emotional forms of expression have an innate core function. Nevertheless, it imposes the idea that even innate emotional mechanisms must be calibrated in yoga poses function of contextual, relational, and cultural dynamics. One of the by-products of this calibration process would be the emergence of increasingly meaningful forms of habitual interactive skills, which can sometimes acquire a symbolic configuration.

In his example of the smile, Kignel quotes researchers for whom positive reinforcement is a key motivator for the development of these co-constructed skills. I have noticed with some of my patients that this is not necessarily the case. The prime motivator was, in yoga poses those cases, a need for predictability. in yoga poses my experience, this need is deeper than a need for kindness. in yoga poses some families, the only predictable interactive skills that could be constructed were negative. Because the infant needs to create some form of attachment to his parents and construct an honorable self-image, he will then take these skills as proprieties of his self-image. I have noticed how attached these patients can be, once they are adults, to these predictable interactive co-constructed schemas even when they are destructive for themselves as well as for those they live with. The best known example is that of children who had been beaten and then beat their own children.48 It is then extremely difficult to modify these habitual meaningful❠habits, because they are the unstable sand on which such persons have built their sense of identity. The person grew up investing a huge amount of energy to find ways of surviving in yoga poses such an environment.

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