Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Third Trimester

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How well you lead your life, is lifestyle—don’t confuse it with eating avocado, travelling first class or carrying an LV. It’s really about leading a regulated, disciplined daily life. Are you cool enough to wake up, latest, two hours after sunrise and sleep before midnight? Party, but not daily? Choose your invites and don’t load up plates because buffets need to be vasooloed?

It’s really about whether you are grown up in your head and heart. Are you capable of self-regulation and making educated choices with food, fitness and well-being, or are you still attending five-day weddings because food and booze are paid for and it makes for good Insta pics? So while the need of the hour is to have a complete relook on how you have been living till now, here are a few things that need your active attention.

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Alcohol and smoking. Disturbs the hormonal environment, comes in the way of mineral absorption and increases risk to developing insulin resistance. So be cool about it and drop these habits if you are planning to conceive.

Chai and coffee. If you need one after lunch, on waking up or simply to think or sit up straight, you are just too unfit to even carry your own body weight. So go back to basics—clean up your diet, commit to regular exercise and regulate your bedtime. Soon enough the dependency will drop, you will need much fewer cups to get through the day, up to two-three max, and none of them will make or break your routine life.

Stress and sleep. Interconnected and interdependent, these two are the critical pathways of getting and staying pregnant, and before that, just being plain healthy. Stress, whether it comes from a relationship, job or anything else is not worth having. Challenges are a good thing, but when you feel that getting through each day is like going to a war, it’s time to step back and rethink the path you want to take in your life.

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Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Third Trimester

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Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Third Trimester

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Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Third Trimester

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Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Third Trimester

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Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Third Trimester

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