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Yoga poses poster for Flowering December-January. Rocky sandstone slopes at high elevations, SW Stettynskloof Mountains, near Villiersdorp. Gladiolus rudis Gladiolus rogersii Baker Plants cm high, stem base often purple with white speckling corm globose with softly fibrous to more or less woody tunics. Leaves solidly terete or linear and mostly.- mm wide, the margins and midrib lightly to heavily thickened. Flowers mostly in a three- to six-flowered spike, more or less bell-like, blue to purple with yellow or white transverse markings on the lower tepals, usually fragrant, perianth tube mm long, dorsal tepal largest, mm long, hooded over the stamens, the lower tepals narrow, directed forward. Flowering mainly September-October. Yoga poses poster photos, Yoga poses poster 2016.

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