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Yoga poses pigeon for By introducing the idea of immortality and rebirth in Post 2 of The Gita, Krishna changes the scope of the discussion, for without death serving as a boundary, there is no fear, no yearning for food or meaning, nowhere to come from, or go to, for the end is no longer the end and the beginning is no longer the beginning. Rather than change the world that defies control, rather than seek validation from things temporary, we engage, observe, discover and enjoy. Arjuna, the wise know that you and I and the rest existed before this event, and will continue to exist after this event. The resident of this body experiences its childhood, youth and old age before moving on to the next. This body gets attached to the world around it, and so fears death. But the wise, aware of the inner resident s immortality, aware that the flesh goes through cycles of birth and death, do not fear change, or death. They know that what matters is the immortal, not the mortal. Yoga poses pigeon photos, Yoga poses pigeon 2016.

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