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Yoga poses pictures on According to Jayadeva Yogendra, son of the founder and current head of the Yoga Institute, Madhvadasji had been very receptive to the Swami s [Vivekananda s] message.8 J.S. Alter sees things rather differently. He claims that although Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo had a profound influence on the intellectual history of modern India, they had little influence on either Yogendra or Kuvalyananda.9 Whereas Vivekananda and Aurobindo addressed the intellectuals and propagated a spiritual and metaphysical yoga, Kuvalyananda and Yogendra made it available to the man in the world,10 and sought to use it for health improvement. Yogendra and Kuvalyananda transformed the practice of yoga into a physiologically based form of physical education and attempted to turn it into a scientifically verifiable form of therapy. Yoga poses pictures 2016.

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