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Yoga poses pictures and names on Likewise, some of its key terms have no Vedic background. On the other hand, many writers do attempt to trace the Samkhya system back to Vedic literature. When authors write about the existence of early or proto-Samkhya traditions they are referring to pre-Karika accounts of existence which, in structure or terminology, overlap in some way with that found in the Samkhya Karika. One thorough survey of such speculations is that of Larson (1979), whose approach makes it clear that he would like to locate the origins of the Samkhya system in the pre-Upanisadic Vedic tradition. However, after surveying the evidence the most he can say is, the Samkhya in any of its forms is not present in those early speculations. Yet it is possible to point to certain trends of thought which might have later been assimilated into Samkhya. To point to such trends is not to make the claim that these trends can be precisely traced into later Samkhya. Yoga poses pictures and names 2016.

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