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Yoga poses over 50 for Flowers in a three- to seven-flowered spike, blue to violet, perianth tube mm long, tepals spreading, mm long, stamens unequal with one shorter filament. Flowering mainly October- December. Mountain slopes and cliffs, SW Bain’s Kloof to Simonsberg. Geissorhiza purpurascens Goldbiatt Plants cm high corm ovoid with woody, concentric tunics. Leaves linear to sword-shaped, mm wide, the margins raised into wings, the blade thus H-shaped in cross section, sticky below and with sand adhering, the edges of the wings sparsely hairy. Flowers in a to flowered spike, mauve, perianth tube mm long, tepals spreading, mm long bracts initially green below, membranous above, becoming pale and dry. Geissorhiza ovata Drimia convallariodes Geissorhiza purpurascens Flowering September-October. Yoga poses over 50 photos, Yoga poses over 50 2016.

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