Yoga poses one person

Yoga poses one person for Gladiolus Saccatus Klatt Goldblatt & M. P. de Vos Plants cm high corm globose with firm, papery tunics. Leaves sword-shaped, thickened in the midline, mm wide. Flowers in an to -flowered, strongly inclined spike, bright red, perianth tube cylindrical, slender below, abruptly expanded and spurred above, Gladiolus spedosus mm long, dorsal tepal largest, mm long, elongate, spoon-shaped, more or less horizontal, upper lateral and lower tepals reduced to short scales, all directed forward, anthers with long, free tails. Flowering June-August. Dry shale slopes, NW Namibia to Pakhuis Mountains. Yoga poses one person photos, Yoga poses one person 2016.


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