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Yoga poses of ramdev for Thus, showing does not guarantee seeing. Telling does not guarantee hearing. Gyana is not vi-gyana. In judgement, the world is divided: good and bad, innocent and guilty, polluted and pure, oppressor and oppressed, privileged and unprivileged, powerful and powerless. In darshan, one sees a fluid world of cause and consequence, where there are no divisions, boundaries, hierarchies or rules. Rana-bhoomi and Ranga-bhoomi A world created based on judgement evokes rage. Life becomes a battleground (rana-bhoomi) like Kuru-kshetra, where both sides feel like victims, where everyone wants to win at all costs, where someone will always lose. Yoga poses of ramdev photos, Yoga poses of ramdev 2016.

Baba Ramdev Yoga Asanas For Pregnancy | Baba Ramdev, Asana and yogaposes8

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