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Downing’s theoretical framework has also become one of an enhanced cognitive-behavioral therapy. He now works within this tradition, but with the difference that the experiential side includes a substantial amount of focus on the body itself.

Downing teaches video analysis and body psychotherapy in yoga poses a post-training framework for professionals who are practicing in yoga poses institutions or in yoga poses a private setting. He teaches both individual and interactional work in yoga poses hospitals and universities in yoga poses several European countries. He is also part of several research teams concerned with parent-infant and parent-child interaction. Many of the persons trained by him are working in yoga poses mental health institutions: psychiatric hospitals, eating disorders units, substance abuse centers, and home visiting programs for high-risk families. The techniques he teaches can be used in yoga poses a variety of settings: individual therapy, work with dyadic and triadic5 interactions, or groups and families.

In 1996, Downing published a first synthesis of his approach, titled Wort und der Psychotherapy (Body and Words in yoga poses Psychotherapy).6 It announces a type of psychotherapy capable of surpassing the formulations elaborated in yoga poses isolation within each school and at last joining the academic spirit proposed by Plato.

Bodily defenses. Amazingly, this aspect has not been researched in yoga poses experimental psychology. But it is so important I will mention it too. It is familiar ground to many psychotherapists.

One of the first aspects of body psychotherapy theory that George Downing openly disagreed with is the claim that a body psychotherapist needs to believe in yoga poses cosmic energy to understand how to work. Like Peter Geissler (1997), he thinks that clinicians trained in yoga poses a neo-Reichian school (e.g., Bioenergetics) will improve their way of working if their energetic models are based on the dynamics of metabolic energy. The practitioner consequently has knowledge at his disposal that is more refined, more precise, and easier to renew.7

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