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Q Place body in position illustrated u Knees touch

Arms parallel, fingers point straight ahead Head is lowered Abdomen is relaxed

Q Exhale deeply

Perform lifting and snapping out movement Inhale and relax (stay in All Fours position)

Repeat; perform 5 times

Relax in cross-legged posture

Do not be discouraged if complete success has not been attained today. This is not an easy exercise. Even if you succeeded only in contracting❠the abdomen today you will begin to benefit greatly. The extreme value of this exercise makes it worthy of your patient practice on subsequent,days. Your abdominal wall will not “drop❠in later years if the abdominal muscles have the good tone that this exercise imparts. Also, there are many benefits for your visceral organs and glands as is explained on the next.

If your time permits you may practice these movements again later today. However, do not practice any of the other Yoga exercises. After the intensive review of yesterday (8th Day) it is prudent to allow your body to rest and set❠itself today.

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