Yoga Poses for Metabolism

Here are three tools I use everyday to transform my negative energy into energy that serves me:

Acknowledge your negativity by:

• From the here and now, you can then make a conscious choice about your next step. You can choose to react and potentially cause harm to you and/or others (which ALWAYS creates a lose: lose outcome), or you can choose to respond from a place of control and express your needs (which ALWAYS creates a win: win)

• Having made your choice, respond and take the appropriate action for the highest good of you and anyone else involved.

• Meditate everyday.

Research has shown that meditation:

• Increases your positive emotions

• Increases resilience in challenging times

• Improves empathy and compassion

• Increases you life satisfaction

• Boosts your immune functions

• Helps you to step back and develop a clearer perspective

• Decreases anxiety

• Decreases stress

• Decreases depression

• Releases negative energy from your body

• Paying attention to your negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours and self-talk.

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• Rather than stuff your negativity down or ignore it, allow it to come to the surface and show gratitude for it because it has come up to share its wisdom with you. When you are in gratitude this is naturally a higher vibration than all the different forms of negativity, which gets it ready for release.

• Negativity is a ’trigger’ from a past event being relived; so when you experience negativity you are living in the past. So your awareness and acknowledgement (points i and ii) creates clarity of thought and presence – you are literally moving out of the past into the ‘here and now’. In other words your awareness moves you from a negative state of being to a present neutral state of being -in the here and now

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